Business analysis and analytics, end-goal definition, systematic change implementation and results analytics.

Complete digital transformation of medium and large businesses for developers, HoReCa, and services.

Complete digital transformation of medium and large businesses for developers, HoReCa, and services.

Business analysis and analytics, end-goal definition, systematic change implementation and results analytics.

Sounds familiar?

Data chaos within the company: huge number of services / paper volume, manual transfer of information, minimum number of automated processes

Different tasks within a single business: requests from different departments are handled locally

Huge number of different contractors and solutions for digital business transformation being hard to choose

Focus of contractors on selling software, not on system integration of changes
Promising quick results only through system implementation, working with the system, not with actual processes and business objectives

Attempts by contractors to make money at the moment, not to build long-term relationships related to mutual development

amphibian digital — problem solving

We really dive into the processes in the company: we study and analyse all the on-going business processes, determine the key indicators, change and implement the processes anew

We mould a single strategy of digital transformation for the entire company: we define key areas, indicators, implementation stages, and control the result

We take up all processes related to automation in your company as a sole contractor, from corporate email and hosting to implementation of business process automation systems

We implement changes up to achieving result: we see the whole picture, fully manage the entire IT-infrastructure of your company and contractors, decide on the development of projects

We build partnerships for 5-15 years minimum, instead of trying to hand over a small project and gain more other clients, without solving the systemic problems in your company

What's inside?


Comprehensive business analysis (defining the current situation, the desired result, the choice of focusing for your development)


Development of a unified strategy for digital transformation (risk analysis, project participants, construction of the implementation plan)


Writing a terms of reference understandable both to the client and to our technicians; implementation of the terms of reference


Configuring the first versions of the systems ready for testing with their actual users; implementation of the systems


Training employees and managers, consulting them on building digital culture


Collection of feedback, continuous implementation of changes in the company’s corporate culture

Whom it's good for

You are the owner or manager of a company in the development, HoReCa, or service industries

You understand that your company needs to change and you are ready to take the risks of digital transformation

You are ready to take responsibility for changes in your company, and make difficult decisions to achieve results

You are ready to learn and implement changes first of all in your own activity and to digitize internal processes

Your company’s annual turnover is more than $ 1 million

You are ready to invest $100,000 or more a year in the digital transformation of your business

Принципи amphibian

Ми в amphibian постійно вчимося, вибудовуємо і покращуємо існуючі процеси, культуру менеджменту і підтримки, наймаємо крутих людей в команду, щоб наші клієнти отримували нові результати і розвивалися.

Якщо Вам це близько – Ви можете стати нашим клієнтом, партнером або співробітником.

So do you have any questions yet?


Do you sell automation?


No, our final product is precisely a comprehensive digital transformation of your business; we do not sell automation separately from other processes.

Our experience shows that if you buy a CRM / ERP implementation separately without a comprehensive change in how the entire company works internally, it gives a local and temporary, but not long-term result.


What are the results of your work?


We have a unique methodology and experience in digital transformation of medium and large companies, and we implement projects that focus on the actual result in the client’s business, not on the introduction of “right” automation system.

Our result is building a new culture of processes within a client company, rather than integrating 2 or 3 systems.

Also, we can do only a few projects at a time with standard quality, because our resources are limited.

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amphibian digital

Business analysis and analytics, defining the end goal, systematic implementation of changes and analysing their results.

amphibian design

Development of applications, websites, Internet projects, logos and brand books. Promotion in social networks, content creation, etc.

amphibian digital

Бізнес-аналітика, визначення кінцевої мети, системне впровадження змін та аналітика результатів.

amphibian design

Розробка додатків, веб-сайтів, інтернет-проектів, логотипів та брендбуків. Просування у соціальних мережах і тощо